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Popups Gives: Mailbox Money

Did you know that giving is Popups main expression of gratitude? Giving allows our team to spread joy, laughter, and provide hope to everyone we encounter. That is why we partner with organizations such as Mailbox Money; a philanthropic company whose mission is to be the catalyst for positive change, as the micro-givers, that make a MACRO-impact. As you can see in the video above, we recently had the opportunity to take an ice cream party to the streets of South Apopka, as well as North Apopka. It was all surreal, yet heartwarming. Honestly, the entire event brought on a sense of community and nostalgia. Fast forward to a few weeks later, we had another opportunity with Mailbox Money to surprise children with birthday gifts. Overall, we absolutely love giving back, and look forward to all opportunities that allow our company to spread hope.


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Popups Gives

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