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About Popups Approved and our culture

Popups has developed a patent-pending online marketplace offering a subscription-based solution that gives cities, membership organizations and corporations the ability to leverage our traffic, creative buzz, and digital presence to sell more!


Popups Approved works with cities, membership organizations and corporations to reach hyper local markets. Our platform helps small businesses increase foot traffic and improve their digital presence to sell more. With today’s ecosystem having a digital presence is one of the most important aspects of surviving. 


The term activation is just a more modern term for events, but with more of an immersive thought out process.Our clients can simply plug in and utilize our following and connections to fast forward their activation success.


From storytelling to community wide activations we ensure our mix marketing approach will solve all of your pain points. 


Popupsapproved has over 10+ years of marketing and event experience, vendor and sponsorship trust. Popups has created a community in Central Florida of over 11k+ on Facebook and over 20k+ subscribers, newsletter, and attendee contacts over the years. 


Let’s schedule a discovery call to learn more about activating your City or Chamber.  Learn More.

Our Framework Addresses Your Pain Points

With the help of local community sponsors, federal aid, and local city budgets our marketplace and consulting solutions can help keep small businesses alive. 

meet the crew

Team Popups


Will Carey

Chief Experiential Officer

Kevin Timirchand

Customer Relations Director

Chris Henry

Programs & Software Director

Randy Lorelike

Expansion Director

Nyesha Carey

Communications Director
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Popups Partners


Kristin Jacobson

Marketing Partner

Katie Kupstas

Trademark Partner

Jeremy Santos

Event Partner

Chris Nault

Client Management Partner

Erica Jacobs

Animation Partner

Jojo Oneal

Communication Partner

Ramces Rouzard

Host Partner


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